Tailored made developments

Passionate about web technologies and video games (8 years at Ubi soft Inc), my diversified professional route (13 years of activity) allows me to work in various domains requiring different skills:

  • Mobile Phones: iPhone Cocoa Touch Objective-C /Nokia Symbian C++
  • R.I.A (Rich Internet Application): Flash , Flex,  AS3, PHP, AMFPHP, MySQL
  • Videos games and applications: C, C++, ASM
  • Programing modeling and conception: UML, POO
  • Project leading

With a 3 years experience in San Francisco USA, I work for french and foreign clients.

For each mission, different steps may be studied depending of your needs:

  1. Needs definition
  2. Most appropriate technical solution
  3. Conception and architecture
  4. Programing, unit tests
  5. Validation tests
  6. Product release
  7. Post production
  8. Evolution

I accompany my clients all along the developement with advancement meeting on a regular basis as well as intermediate releases based on a frequency to decide together.

I invite you to contact me for any additional information or estimate.